Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


it's exciting where I see God moving right now. My heart is settled and expectant all at once. All of our future are bright. I hope that al of the people that are in my life now will be in my life forever! but. I guess you can't ever be sure they will... We all have to say good-bye sometime. Everytime I say good be. i feel like my heart is split in half.. and yet, I am completely overwhelmed with what God has graced me with!
I guess things always change... but for now.. I will embrace every moment I have and everyone I share thoes precious moments with! I am super excited to see Where God will lead me in the next, days, weeks, months and even years!! its a journey I am ready to take.. I am ready to follow the path my leader has laid out for me.. because I know He has it laid out for me.. and only whats best for me will he allow to happen- even if it hurts or is hard.. its gonna make me who i'm spossed to be and for that I will be thankful! And I know I have a Daddy who is NEVER gonna leave me alone.. he is ALWAYS gonna be by myside.. holding my hand.. leading me in the right way. He is the potter I am the Clay!!!