Thursday, February 28, 2013


Life changes... faster then anyone could ever imagine... It's scary sometimes.  Sometimes it feels like I just got over the last 'big change' and here comes more change. It's hard, and at times very un-cool. I mean not all change is bad.. It's just that lately the bad way out-weigh the good.. and it's not easy. at all. I miss how things used to be, and yet at the same time, i am a bit excited about the future... but that scares me too. It is proving to be nothing like I imagined in my mind.  And I know without a doubt that God has this wonderfully amazing plan for my life and all I have to do is trust in Him.. But that is sooo much easier said then done.

And once again this Guy has captured my heart.. He doesn't know it (surprise) But he's in all my dreams. I hate how that happens. But what I need, I need one guy to prove to me he isn't like the rest of the guys. I need one guy to go out of his way to show me he cares for me. I tend to have a huge trust issue with guys.. I guess it comes from having such a crappy dad. I just, I don't know. it's hard to put into words.. So I won't even try right now :)

I've also been going to the gym quite a bit. Which is good.... I'm trying to reach my goal.. between working out 4-5 days a week and only eating once a day.. maybe it will happen sooner then I think. *Crosses fingers*

I guess from an out-siders view you could say my life is a complete mess right now. and I guess parts of it are.. but That's life.. Life isn't all teddy-bears and flowers.

I've also turned back to the old "sunday-school songs" that have SO much truth and have the ability to make me cry. life.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First post of 2013

Okay.. So i'm a major slacker when it comes to this. sorry. There really isn't much to tell you right at the moment though. I'm leaving tomorrow for Indiana. I finally get to see my bestest and most awesomest friends. ever. YAY! It has been over a year since I last went to Indiana. WOW!- crazy!!!

Tonight was the Super Bowl. It was alot of fun. Even if I don't watch football. The company was great. That's all that mattered. =)

Oh, So Wednesday. I fell. I was walking into my house.. and it was really muddy outside and I slipped in the mud and cut my knee open on a brick. Go me!! =) It's healing. but still hurts and is a bit nasty. lol!

Okay. so I really don't have anything else exciting to share with you. yet anyways.. So I shall peace out.