Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 Highlights

Well, this should have been written ages ago.. but I've been slacking. a lot. but none the less.. here goes.
2013 was a year full of happy times and some painful heart-breaking times.
In february I spent a week in Indiana with my best friend!! that never gets old! In May My best friend came to visit me :) then I went to Florida with so many dear people and did a CCI event.  Then came home for about a week and camped out at a Chick-fil-a grand opening (got free Chick-fil-a!) and then went and spent 6 glorious weeks in Hawaii!
                  Hawaii changed my life.. and in some good ways.. it forced me to come out of my comfort zone. a lot.. it forced me to grow up. To have a closer relationship with God. it changed my life. the friendships i made there are incredible.. those people bless my heart and I miss them more and more each day!
 Then in August, I went to Tenn. with my sister and a couple cousins for a week. That was a lot of fun. Then the end of August I went to Arizona to visit a dear friend, and spend a few days catching up. it was good. God sure has blessed me with the greatest friends.. both here and far away.. and I couldn't be happier!!  Also in August I got a new (BRAND new) car! yah baby!
       September rolled around and I met a guy who changed my life. He opened my eyes and made me realize what I want in a guy.. (opening doors, picking me up.. making me feel like a princess.. coming to work to help me close when I'd had a scare. watching chick-flicks with me, going to church with me.) Then without any explanation I lost him.. :( and oh my heart broke in two (Not to mention, he broke up via text.. THAT'S NOT what i want in a guy.) and my heart is still healing each and every day.. some days I'm doing GREAT other days my heart just cries.  I've prayed for him every single day since.
       November, I made a last minute, much needed decision to go to Indiana to visit my best friend.. and oh the fun I had.. that Girl is the best thing!! She forces me to be a better person! November was also an incredible month for me, because I (re) met my cousin Joe who has since become one of my best friends.  I also started working at Bass Pro- In Santa's wonderland- I loved it.. then after Christmas i got switched to the Men's section.. which I don't love..

Needless to say, 2013 had some INCREDIBLE memories, but it also had it's share of tears.

Here's hoping 2014 is way better and offers even more incredible adventures. and new people in my life!