Sunday, April 28, 2013

My life. a story.

As I sit here, I look back on my life. As a child I used to look at other families... families with "perfect" mothers and fathers and I used to wonder Why my family was SOO messed up. I used to wonder why I had two parents who just didn't care.  But now I look back, and I realize.. that If I had a "Picture Perfect" family things would be SOO different today.  Chances are I wouldn't have had the amazing relationship I did have with my grandparents.  It is because of my Grandparents that I am who I am today. Their investment in my life. their prayers.  The church I grew up in also plays a huge part.  The Hymns we sang every week... such amazing reminders of God's faithfulness. The Preaching there. and the time spent in JV and Varsity with the Leaders and teachers I had. I wouldn't want any other way now. I also quite possibly never would have gotten the chance to do the traveling I do.. To spend weekends with large amounts of small children with little sleep. To spend many hours in a car with people I just met. and became such fast and close friends. Those friendships are friendships to last a lifetime. I would never have meet some of my biggest and best role models and heroes.. So really. looking back It really is a blessing. It is a blessing that has taken me years to see.. Thousands of times I've asked God 'WHY?" when really I should be saying THANK YOU GOD!! for blessing me..My story is a story to be proud of and It's time I stopped worrying what others think and just be Glad I am who I am because of God and the people He has placed in my life!