Monday, May 13, 2013

Between now and Hawaii

My life between now and when I leave for Hawaii is crazy busy and insane... But that's okay because time will fly by :)  Here's an idea of what it looks like!

May 14- Hanging out with friends (Shooting at the range!)
May 15- Church!
may 16- Babysitting. 
May 17-  Cleaning out my Grandpa's house that got trashed....
May 18- My cousins Dance Recital.
May 19- Church, then cooking for church and church again. 
May 20-21- chill/pack/sort/shop
May 22-26- Florida for CCI ( I get to see TWO of my BEST friends. Lucky!
May 27- memorial day parade. 
May 28- More shopping/packing
May 29-30-  Go to Chick-fil-a at 3am. to camp out there for 24 hours. then come home and sleep!
May 31- Dolphin cruise. :) and going-away- cookout!
June 1- Cousin's graduation.
June 2- Church/ hard core packing.
June 3- 6am LEAVE FOR HAWAII!!!

I look at all that and just feel incredibly stressed.. But Hey I can handle it with God's help :) Can't wait for Hawaii :) 
Then Arizona. :) and ahh i love life!