Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the house with the memories!

Well, Its.. THANKSGIVING!!! =) I love it, Turkey, Stuffing, pumpkin pie and all sorts of yummy stuff!! YAY! Plus lots of family here!!- I always LOVE having family come in town, its amazing!!! =) I've been SO blessed with THE BEST, Aunts/Uncles/Cousins, we sure do know how to have fun, and laugh... lots!!

This weekend is also gonna be really hard ;( Friday we pack up everything and move my grandpa out.. :( NOOO!--  change. sometimes i hate it!!- and this time.. i hate it!!- I know it has to be done.. because he can't live on his own anymore.. but it just won't be the same.. and that house holds SO many memories: playing cops and robbers, HOURSE of Dirty Uno played there, duck duck goose in the front yard. walking around the circle hundreds of times.. to set a record (Brian, we failed!) Yummy dinners, just every little thing that has gone on in that house- the memories it holds. and now.. its not gonna be there.. well it will be there.. just not in the family. thats hard.. after it being in the family for.. 40 years.. wow!!

I'm still dealing with my stupid knee... I went back to the Dr. Monday.. and they gave me a new brace, so i can bend my knee again.. YAY!! =) LOL! it makes sitting in the car and stuff a WHOLE lot eaiser, and it doesn't hurt. if i'm not on it :) HAHA!- But the whole being in pain thing is getting old.. FAST!... oh well. there is a reason, i'm still VERY bummed out that i couldn't go to Indiana last weekend.. but once again, i know there is a reason for it.. soo i won't complain (to much ;) )

 December cannot get here fast enough (more so December 16th!) I get to go to INDIANA, my best friend- Ashley- is graduating on the 18th so i'm going for that.. and to hang out with my way cool friends!! i cannnot wait!! then i'll come home.. for Christmas and to see my family, and then in MY BESTEST FRIENDS EVER are coming to see me!!.. WOOT WOOT!! life is about to be AMAZING and i LOVE IT!!! =)  so even when life seems hard there is something to look forward to!!

well its 2:30 AM... so i'm off to watch a movie, and fall asleep, i need to do a better job at getting my days/nights worked out.. sigh!! LOL!