Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life has been exciting/fast paced!

WOW! where to start?
GO! Camp was a blast... I loved getting to spend a week with some of my favorite people. ever.. oh the adventures we had =) we are also Sister Wives Forever ;)

Hawaii.... Yes.. AMAZING... The sight-seeing- fantastic. the people I met- Amazing. Camp- Fantastical. The Start at night- beyond awesome. I got to do SO many new and exciting things while I was there.. i loved it. I wanna go back :) you'll have to ask me in person to share stories with you.. Cos I just can't type them out... it is way too hard to do :) lol (plus i have so many i could tell, i wouldn't know where to start..)

For those of you who think about it.. pray for my Grandpa.. Last wednesday (so almost a week ago now) He had a (mild) Heart Attack.. and spent a few days in the hospital.. afterwards we moved him into our house (so he doesn't have to do stairs.. and soo there is someone with him more.) He is VERY confused about pretty much everything.. and will hardly eat. anything. maybe a few bites but then he says he is full.. Pray for him... I hate seeing him 'suffer. its not right. and i hate seeing him sooo weak.. how is that even fair??

well.. i gotta jet.. i love you all :)