Thursday, December 30, 2010

its almost time to welcome 2011

WOW, where does the time go? here it is.. 1 day left in 2010... 1 day away from 2011... Christmas over.. family come and gone.  This year brought way to many changes...  We didn't have Pop's house.. the whole family didn't come.. noone came till monday.. we didn't sit around singing Christmas songs.. it just felt.. WEIRD!! and i really wasn't a fan...we didn't even have OUR UNO cards.. we had NEW ones.. just not the same- I know things change.. but Christmas with cousins/aunts/uncles/grandpa is one thing i wish never changed. i missed the house FULL of people.. i missed Pop's house. that house is more then just a house- its a memory filled place.. and that was totally lacking.. sitting around the living room singing Christmas songs was something else that was missing.. *sigh*

BUT on a much brighter note.. i have next week with my best friends to look forward to... watch out VA beach.. cos here we come :-D

Friday, December 3, 2010

my life-- a story!

I believe that life is: a story being written by God.. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. When I start to love my story, with all its messed up twists and turns, then I can love other people who are living out their own stories with all their messed up twists and turns.. I've been learning to make peace with my story this past year, Or I guess I should say, the story God is writting in my life. I have my share of messed up twists and turns. We all do. If we didn't, why would we need a Savior? Why would we need God's grace? And in my story, why would I need the power of forgiveness if I could simply work out my anger on my own. But If I'm going to go around saying I love God, then I have to trust him and believe that everything in my life first passed through his fingers. Nothing happens outside of his control. He alone will bring all things to justice one day. All I'm supposed to do is love my own story so that I can love other peoples' stories too.