Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little Balderdash Humor :)

So.. Balderdash. along with Picture Telephone, and UNO and WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy are huge family traditions games for us... i wanna share some Balderdash memories.. cos i found them and they make me laugh.. get to know my family and how they thing :)

The Movie.. Signal 7
- Bank robbers hijack a train in a desperate attempt to escape to Mexico (Kristen)

The Movie.. The Cow
- A satire based on Charlotte Web and Animal Farm (Kyra)

Word.. Zazzera
A ritual celebration of the native people of the Amazon (AKM?)

Person... S.C. Root
- The person who invented photography (Kory)

Initials.. B.G.S.
Bio- Genetic Systems (Kristen)

Initials.. W.G.A.
World Gambler's Association (Karissa)

Initials... W.G.A
- Wild Goose Association (that would be the REAL answer)

Initials... L.T.A.B
- Listen To Angry Bosses (Holly)

Word... Koomkie
- A brain damaged chimpanzee (Timothy)

Word... Bletting
-Sneaking up and drawing a beard on your sister when she's sleeping because she made you mad. (Brian)

Initials... B.G.S
-Big Giant Socks (Karissa)

Person.. Bob Leach
- He set the world record for flag pole sitting when he stayed up for 142 straight hours. (Karissa)

- The means by which sleep is achieved through lounging upon many cushions (Eric)

Person.. Eddy Teach
- A mean infamous for avoiding the law in California in the 1870s until he was run over by a stagecoach. (Karissa)

Word.. Wonga Wonga
- A Polynesian War Whoop (Timothy)

Word.. Wonga Wonga
- To brandish a weapon. (Nate)

Word.. Zazzera
- A showoff (Unknow?)

Weird Law... In Japan During the birth of a child, the father had to...
~Remain silent? (Karissa)

Person.. S. Kirkman
- A Brother-in-law to the Warner Brothers who wrote articles critizing the circus (Karissa)

I come!

I come broken to be mended.. I come wounded to be healed!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Thoughts

OK... So, the pat couple weeks i've been thinking allot about friendships.. and our relationships with different people who stumble across our lives. Now, if you know me very well, you know I have allot of friends.. I have hanging out, being crazy, making people laugh, and laughing at myself... But i've come to the conclusion that friendship is allot of times something we take too lightly. Friends are such an amazing blessing and life would be soo much harder without them. Our true friends are hard to see sometimes though. As I look back over my twenty-two years, i've come to the realization that real friends are the people who love you no matter what.. Love you in spite of your faults.. they don't look for things in your life they can point out to make you look worse and make themselves look better or more spiritual, they aren't worried about small issues in your life. Instead they're looking at how they can help you in the long run. They remain the same even when you don't talk to them for months... they're there for you whether you live 20 minutes or 20000 miles apart.. they love you whether you're depressed or the happiest you've ever been.. those who stand by you. Somebody who asks you how you're doing and REALLY wants to know, but also knows when to stop asking :) Those who don't change when other, maybe cooler, people come back into their lives.. These are the friends who make life truly beautiful.. the people that make you the happiest you can be with where you are.. Those who you feel  like no matter what happens, they'll be there for you!! I thank God SO much for the friends He has given me.. Don't think they can honestly get ANY better!! and i'm trying really hard by HIS grace to be the best possible true friend I can be.. Love y'all!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back in VA

Well, Here goes!
I'm back in Va. and have been for like 4 days now :/ its been kinda hard, i miss all my friends back in Indiana like CRAZY!! But here i am!, and trying to find a job!! But i've enjoyed watching movies with my brother and seeing my puppy again!! She is a sweet thing!!- Today she had her first doggie obedience class! she did really good!!

We've also been packing up my grandpa's house- :( its soo hard to do!!- everywhere I look, there are SO many memories in that house- i remember when i'd spend a week there during the summer with my cousins, and we'd play cops and robbers, or duck duck goose in the front yard, or spend HOURS playing "Dirty Uno" on the side porch. Also Christmas at his house, we'd all sit around in the living room singing Christmas Songs. I still remember, the last Chritmas my grandma was alive (Christmas 2009) we all went in around her bed and sang Christmas songs to her.. what a great memory we all have!!

I want to share pieces of letters my cousins and i all wrote 5 or 6 years ago now. we did a time capluse (spelling) like 6 years ago, and opened it at Chritmas this past year,  alot changes in the years. but some of them were to good not to post!!

Holly: During my Christmas break here at Highland Springs, there have been many great memories. Every day there were laughs, laughs, and more laughs. I would like to take this space of paper and jot a few of these wonderful memories down, so we can all laugh at them in the future.
~Balderdash with Eric, Brian, Timothy, Nathaniel, Mandy and Christine
~Uno with Kyra, Karissa, Eric and Brian in the basement. The killer with the ax!!
~Bowling with E,B, T, N, M,M and myself.
~Everyone beating up on Mark. Plus Eric making him bleed :)
~Mark's "Bum" immitation.
~hmm I can't think of anything else, but i'm sure there are more.
This Christmas break has been fun fun fun (hehehehe) and i'm sure there will be many more!

Timothy: We played balderdash with Eric, Brian, Holly, Nat, Christine, Mandy and me.. Uncle Ken read. Far the initals DWMC we had Dallas Women's Map-Making Competition, District of Wichita Mienicipal Court (Eric)  Drinking Women of Mass. for Champagne (Nat) and Driving With Multiple Children (Brian) I voted for Brian's....
We found out that the movie "The Amazing Mr.X" was about a bogus mystic who conspires with a not-so-dead man to kill the man's widow, who isn't really a widow since the man isn't really dead.
We went bowling.. Mark and Mandy tried an innorative bowl... backwards between their legs. It cost $55.56.
And Holly was cute... (I wish I could say the same for Brian.) And we played the Lord of the Rings Trivial persuit... (until 12:30AM) And Pop weighed 146lb
Pop: "Here I am"
Grandma: "there you are"
Pop: "You want Me?"
Grandma: "Yes"
Pop: "You need me?"
Grandma: "Yes"
Pop: What do you need?"
Grandma: "You"
Pop: all 146lb of me?

I played Chess with Eric.. It was bizare.. I Accidently pinned both of our queens for a quarter of the game... Then Brian took over for me and lost in 4 moves.
Mark was noisy, but fun. as always... And Brian had a shaved head...
P.S so tell me, did i graduate in 4 years?

Eric: Loves Mandy. Is tired. Likes chess. Things from Christmas: Lots of fun with cousins. Games and good. Guitar flute recorder and Christmas carols. I have to go. bye.

Mark: It was the best day of my life... I got a dirt bike!

+Pop's house
+ funny words and dates playing balderdash w/dad reading
+not eating dinners
+LOTR until new years
+Pop finding dad's nail clippers
-losing dad's nail clippers
+frisbee w/tim
+bowling with everyone
-using the wrong fingers
+christmas carols with family
-it hurts to play
-this list
+going home soon
-No more family
+LOTR movie
-falling asleep
+UNO in the basement
+- Uno attack

Those were the best and made me laugh! i love my family!! =)

Well, i gotta go.. clean my room! ha!! later!