Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer is almost done.

I'm not even sure how to start this.... This has probably been the most amazing.. life changing summer. ever. AHH!

Florida with CCI was.. good.. not super.. but good.. I think it's what I needed to know that right now.. I don't belong in that setting.. (that's something super hard to take.. but It's what I need to understand..) and who knows maybe later on down the road that will change...

Hawaii.. Hawaii was incredible.. I meet some of the most AWESOME people. ever.  People who I'd be lost without right now.. People who are inspiring and encouraging in more than one way :) people who are just good friends!!! God really pulled me out of my comfort zone... which is just what I needed.. I did stuff I never thought i COULD do.. because of fears and nerves.. But I did it and I loved it :) I could share with you soooo many stories.. but I won't take the time here.. or bore you all with them :) Message me.. We can talk :)

I now have THREE (yes... 3) baby cousins.. My family is growing. I love it.. I've been blessed with seriously.. the best. most awesome family in the world.. you should all be jealous.  :) I also really love baby snuggles :)

I also have friends HERE.. right here.. right where I live I have friends again.. and it's such a great feeling. I love it. God has sure blessed me and right now I couldn't be happier.. God is Good :) and life is getting exciting.. I'm excited to see what's next..

Also.. Arizona is happening in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS.. HECK YES!