Wednesday, October 30, 2013

These people are my heros.

i'm like really bad at updating this thing.. It's really quite sad... but this is a special post...God has blessed me with some amazing people in my life.. and I want to share those people with you.... they all get major props for putting up with me.

1) Sarah- This girl made my summer happy.. she makes me laugh.. makes me feel loved and is alot of fun to be with. I'm soo glad God allowed us to meet and grow close over the few short weeks we worked together this summer. I love you girl! =) i can't wait to see you again :)

2) Haley- This girl.. there really are no words to describe her.. other then super fantastic-  She's always there for me when I need her.. She's a good person to vent to.. or just to laugh with and hang out. I love our friendship and the random things we do together. :)

3) Ashley- This girl.. she's the bestest- best friend. ever. I love this girl so much.. I love the time we get to spend together (even if it's not enough) I love how she make me smile even when I really don't even feel like it. I love the random stuff we do. (like making brownies at 3am) and just whatever we are doing. I just love this girl and i'm beyond blessed to have her in my life. :)

 4) Amanda Norton- this girl is incredible. and I love her more than words can say. I still remember the first time we met.. We had "police" involved. I love her and spending time with her. She's a role model for me- I hope i can be like her when I grow up. =) Love you Friend!!
 5) Kenneth- This guy- even if he doesn't realize it.. he's the best one. I'm sooooo beyond glad that God allowed us to meet and allowed him to play such a huge part in my life.. and I hope to NEVER lose this guy. He's incredible and makes me feel like a princess.  (if only he realized it ;) God is doing some amazing work though.. I just know it. and i'm trusting him. every step of the way =)
 6) Amanda Via- this girl.. where to start? she's amazing. and fun. and just all out awesome. I love spending time with her. (even if it's not nearly enough time.) I love the random things we do together (Making the brownies at 3am tops everything tho) and all the countless weekends we've spent together without sleep.. ;) omgoodness i'm blessed with her friendship.
7) Brandon- this guy.. has been there for me.. he lets me vent.. he gets me unlost- and basically he's just freakin' awesome.. he puts up with me when i'm in a crappy mood- and hanging out with him is sure to end in laughter. . thanks for being in my life duuude.

soo i'm blessed.. beyond blessed really.. and this isn't even everyone =)