Thursday, May 5, 2011

I still Miss My Grandma!!

This is always a hard time of year for me... May 17th would have been my Grandma's birthday- My grandma, she was my BEST friend! I could tell her anything, and in my mind, she could fix any problem i had. I remember one night, it was pretty late, and i had gotten my ears pierced, and they had gotten infected, and all I wanted was Grandma!! I remember being sick, and going to Grandma's house, she'd fix me food, watch movies with me or just sing songs to me and rub my back! She made THE BEST fried chicken!! =) she gave the BEST hugs, she always had a smile on her face, even during the last few months when she was suffering SO much!!- I remember caling her EVERY NIGHT before i'd go to sleep!! and we'd have a race, to see who could say "I love you" first. Yes, its been 5 years since she went home, to heaven, it still hurts, and sometimes feels like it was just Yesterday, What i wouldn't give to see her smile one more time, to have one more "GRANDMA HUG" to be able to have a 'heart to heart' with her! TO tell her how i feel, how i hurt, get answers from her!

Grandma was the best grandma anybody ever had. Her love for God inspired her to love lots of others, not the least her husband, 7 Children, 17 grand-children, and 7 great grandchildren. She was unfailingly kind and selfless, strong, dependable, no-nonsense. Altho we're sad to lose her, we know after many painful months she is finally free from suffering in the presence of God. We'll alway shave priceless memories of her. And Lord-Willing, we'll each see her again. Thou wast her rock, her fortress and her might; Thou, Lord her captian in the well-fought fight; Thou in the darkness drear her one true light! Aleeluia! Alleluia!!
May 17,1919- Jan. 27, 2006

I hope My Grandma would be proud of who I am becoming!! I love You Grandma, and miss you more then words can sayy!